Texas American Marketing Association // Officer

Spring 2018: Social Media Officer

I worked alongside our lovely creative content officer, Reilly Lawrence, to revamp our  @texasama social media strategy. We featured more video content, brand consistent posts, and resources created by guest speakers and members.

AMA Instagram Before and After

I used Instagram Stories to publish more interactive, personable content. Here are three Instagram Story campaigns that I ran to promote digital marketing workshops, a Bumble speaker event, and “Play Per Click,” a marketing trivia contest that typically draws in over 70 participants.

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Fall 2017: AMA Agency Group Account Manager

My team of five wrote blog articles, designed graphics, and produced short videos inspired by market research to serve as “awareness” stage content for our client, Energy Project Advisors.

Spring 2017: Professional Development Officer

I hosted four workshops with an average 36 attendees at each one. I partnered with companies like Facebook and Quantcast to cover personal branding, social media advertising, and data visualization. I also taught a two-hour workshop to certify members in HubSpot Sales Software. I channeled the inner kindergarten teacher in me to simplify content and develop engaging lesson plans.

I also served as the Communications Chair for our very first Startup Career Fair and attracted over 100 attendees to the event.