PepsiCo // Doritos Brand Marketing Intern // 2017

You buy a bag of Doritos, devour said bag of Doritos, and lick the delectable pixie dust off your fingers. The tooth-rattling crunch echoes in your ears and your taste buds continue to tap dance for hours on end.

Doritos has translated that bold snacking experience into new categories: Doritos Locos Tacos, Doritos Mix, Doritos Loaded frozen snacks, Doritos Crunch Nuts, and beyond. My 10-week project was to develop a core packaging strategy that would better promote our broader portfolio.

I analyzed the Doritos business, category trends, and cross-purchase behavior using tools like IRi and 84.51. I collaborated with The Marketing Arm to develop package designs that could attract hundreds of millions of impressions to the fringes of our portfolio in the next three years. I closed out the summer with an action-packed 30-minute presentation that landed me a full-time offer, which I gladly accepted.