PenPal Schools // Content Marketing Intern // 2018

PenPal Schools is an online learning platform that connects over 400,000 students from 144 countries. PenPals work on collaborative projects together, covering topics like Clothing & Culture Around the World, Immigration in the 21st Century, and Robotics.

PenPal Schools screenshot

I wrote weekly blog posts, email newsletters, and social media posts to promote our 40+ projects, feature excellent student responses, and highlight learning outcomes. I also implemented UTM link tracking processes and developed a more streamlined teacher outreach process that increased response rates from 25% to 80%, which let me feature more student work in each article.

Click the images below to read some of my work and head to my portfolio for more writing samples.

Roger H Lam, PenPal Schools, Kentucky PenPal Invents A Holiday Roger H Lam, PenPal Schools, From PenPal to Poet Roger H Lam, PenPal Schools, Are Kids Worried About Robots Taking Jobs Roger H Lam, PenPal Schools, What Kinds of Fake News Do Students See Roger H Lam, PenPal Schools, PenPals Explore and Protect Coral Reefs.png Roger H Lam, PenPal Schools, PenPals Discuss News About Gun Violence in America.png