2015: Customer Experience Analyst

I first started working at Aceable, a mobile-first education company, when I was just a wee college freshman. I loved building relationships with students and solving problems in a fast-paced environment. I exceeded monthly sales targets by 23% and earned some glowing customer reviews.

This experience inspired me to start my own hybrid of entrepreneurship and education, so after eight months of service, I took a break from Aceable to focus on launching SEAL.

2018: Content Marketing Intern

Like the prodigal son, I returned to Aceable in my senior year. I was older and wiser, and Aceable had grown a lot as a company too. While I was gone, the now 80+ employees had launched dozens of new drivers ed courses and a suite of real estate courses called AceableAgent.

Instead of talking to customers 1×1 like before, I focused on creating interactive, informative, and search engine optimized content for our website. I wrote product page copy, blog content for both drivers ed and real estate verticals, and helped launch our affiliate marketing, real estate satire website, The Second Story.  I also managed a content calendar, assigned topics to contract writers, and published dozens of articles each week using WordPress and markdown.

Click the images below to read some of my work and head to my portfolio for more writing samples.

Roger H Lam, Aceable, content marketing intern Roger H Lam, Aceable, convince your parents to help you buy a car with a powerpoint

Roger H Lam, AceableAgent, content marketing intern Roger H Lam 5 ways agents can adapt to facebook's new algorithm

The Second Story logo Roger H Lam local hipster will only buy house built with non-gmo materials