Waking Up With Tim Cook

I am an Android and Windows user, so I don’t have much in common with Apple CEO Tim Cook. However, we do share a very special bond because we both start our mornings at 4:00 am. Other prominent members of the exclusive 4AM Club include Michelle Obama (the coolest First Lady) and Indra Nooyi (PepsiCo CEO and my boss for this upcoming summer).

People think I’m crazy when I tell them I go to bed at 10:00 pm and wake up at 4:00 am. My momma always told me that our bodies heal from 10:00 pm-1:00 am and that our minds heal from 1:00 am-4:00 am. I can only afford to sleep for 6 hours, so I did the math and simply fit my sacred time in between those optimum hours. I’m not sure if Momma Lam’s theory is backed by science or if it’s just another Chinese proverb, but I really do feel energized and ready to kick butt every morning.

I don’t have the ability to study until 3:00 am like most college students. During the day, I give everything 110%, so I’m exhausted by the time I come home. I choose to put off my assignments until the next morning when I am alert and clearheaded. I’m also very goal oriented and appreciate little victories, so getting work done before my 8:00 am class gets me primed to keep crushing it throughout the day. Since I’m more efficient in the mornings, I often have time to squeeze in a work out or explore my creative side.

There’s also something magical about being awake while the city sleeps. The air is fresher and the streets quieter. I prefer the music of brewing coffee and my Taylor Swift playlist over frantic baristas and crowded coffee shops. Everything just seems to perfectly fall in place before dawn; I don’t need to fight my roommate for the bathroom, there’s less traffic, and I’m not distracted by social media and email.

I’ve been living this sleep schedule for the past 5 months now and I’m lovin’ it. Of course, sleeping 7-9 hours would be ideal, but I’m juicing my 6 hours for all there worth. “Sleep early, wake early,” is actually a Chinese saying and I encourage everyone to give it a try, even if just for one week. Worst case scenario, you’ll become an obnoxiously positive morning person like me. Best case scenario, you’ll become CEO of an international company or the First Lady of the United States.

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